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Petopt is Sub-Brand Category for Pheallit

Our beds are design with the goal of improving the health and lifestyle of your pets. Order now with shipping across the UK

To Set up

  1. Simply put bolster foams into the fabric.

  2. ​Insert the memory foam into the bed and zip closed.

  3. Easy and satisfaction guaranteed.

Check our YouTube channel for practical videos. Please make sure to like and subscribe to the channel for more helpful content on improving your pet health and lifestyle

Bed size

L- 57cm x W-80cm x H-19cm

Special Features

  • Removable Leisure Mat

  • Chew Resistant

  • Dual Cool/Warm bed sides

  • Odor Control

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Take a look below at all the main features and benefits of PetOpt pet beds. If you have any questions, contact our helpful team today.

Easy to clean

Designed with zippers for easy access to clean every bed part. Although, the rattan is not machine washable as we recommend hygienic wipes for quick and easy cleaning while every other bed part is fully machine washable.

This pet bed is designed with extended bed space and a removable mat that is adaptable to other pet leisure activities, such as a mat for the car, a mat for feeding, and a mat to watch movies and this helps to improve your pet lifestyle, together with quality bonding time with their owners.

Fit for purpose

Our pet beds have an orthopaedic base that can improve pet blood circulation and relieves joint pressure. It is designed with anti-fading, cosy plush and rattan material, suitable for all weather conditions. Also, it has side fluff-filled foam bolster railings to support the neck and back, together with chew resistant material and anti-slip bottom. 

The bed is environmentally adaptable as it is designed with dual bedsides to adjust to cold and warm weather. Also, the bed has open and closable bed entry. This helps to create a feeling of personal space and conforms to pet body shape, needed for quality sleeping experience.

Versatile Design

Premium Quality

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